Transportation System

Air Ticketing in Nepal.-

Transportation System First of all, Nepal is a landlocked country. Nepal’s transportation system consists of the modes of travel in the country. Since the country is mostly mountainous. And has a rough and rugged terrain. The transport system in Nepal is an interesting phenomenon. Due to the landscape of the country. Roadways and airways are […]


Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations Following rules and regulations have been listed for trekking pupose. Restriction of Climbing the Himalayan-Peaks without Obtaining Permission: No any mountaineering expedition team shall be entitled to climb any Himalayan-Peaks without obtaining permission under this Act. Permission to be taken for Mountaineering: A mountaineering expedition team, desirous to climb any Himalayan-peak of […]


People & Lifestyle in Nepal.

People & Lifestyle in Nepal. People & Lifestyle in Nepal. Nepalese people commonly welcome you Namaste as a traditional salute (means I salute the divine in you). It is wisely used in the most part of country. Furthermore, people of different caste and religion live here. Mostly each ethnic group has their own unique costumes. […]


Nepal Culture & Festival

Nepal Culture &  Festival .  Nepal Culture & Festival. The diverse geography of  Nepal ranging from Himalayas in the north to the southern Terrain region renders it home to a wide range of culture. Customs and traditions differ from one part of Nepal to another. A conglomeration lies in capital city Kathmandu where cultures are blending […]


Tourist in Nepal.

Mt.Ama Dablam Expedition full board 30 Day.

Tourist in Nepal. Tourist in Nepal. Nepal with rich ancient cultures set against the most dramatic scenery in the world is a land of discovery and unique experience. For broad minded individuals who value an experience that is authentic and mesmerizing, Nepal is the ideal destination. Come and revel in the untouched and the undiscovered […]


Visa & Travel Information.

Visa & Travel Information For Visa & Travel Information : Nepal’s acronym of Never Ending Peace And Love, does well to characterize this nation of good natures and accommodating people; a land of majestic Himalayan scenery comprising eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including Mt Everest: the uppermost place on earth at 29,029ft (8,848m). […]


Equipment Checklist for trekking.

Equipment Checklist Equipment Checklist: According  the  season and  area. Your trekking Company  will provide equipment like sleeping bags, foam mattresses and tents. All you need to bring are your personal wear like walking boots and sand shoes  a water ,and wind  proof  jacket, woolen shirts, T-shirts, a thick pullover, shorts/skirts, and trousers/track suits. Thermal underwear […]


Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal.

Best Trekking

Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal.  Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal .The Trekking season  is possible at any time of the year depending on where you are going for trek. The most popular  seasons are spring (March-April – May) and autumn (September-October – November). Winter is very cold above 4,000 meter and high mountain passes may be […]



About CURRICULUM-VITAE,.,      May     CURRICULUM-VITAE S: Name   Father   Chiring Sherpa Name –Pasang  Gyljee   Sherpa                       Date of birthd – 1963   Country  Nepal S.NO Name of the team Name  for the Mountain height (m) Climbing date 1 Indian   Mumbai team. Mt. Menthosa. 1989 August. 2 Indian  new Delhi team. Mt.saserkangri two. 1991 August. […]