Everest Region Trekking

 Wish  you  a very  happy  memorable  Everest  region  trek .

Everest Region Trekking  Get special permit for documentary filming from the Department of Nepal National parks and wildlife conservation,
Don’t remove or damage plants and animals .Don’t buy animal or plant products. It is illegal . All flora and fauna are fully protected and must not be disturbed. Rubbish must be placed out, buried or disposed off in designated areas.

No one should walk within the park between sunset and sunrise . Do respect cultural and religious sites .Visitors should be self-sufficient in fuel supply ( kerosene/LP  gas). Everest Region Trekking Camping inside the park should be made only at the designated areas. Carry  out non biodegradable items such as plastic bogs and bottles.Mountain bikes and motor bikes are prohibited inside the park. Never trek alone, hire a local  guide if  you can’t  find a companion.  Respect privacy : Ask before photographing people or religious  sites. Don’t enter houses  uninvited .

Mt.Everest Expedition (8884m)                       Mt. Makalu expedition (8,463m)
Mt. Dhaulagiri Expedition (8,167m)                Mt. Annapurna I Expedition  (8091m)
Mt.Kanchenjunga Expedition 8,586m)           Mt.Manaslu Expedition (8163m)
Mt.Lhotse Expedition (8383m)