Mt. Lakpa ri Expedition (7,000M) 26 Day.

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Mt. Lakpa ri Expedition (7,000M) 26 Day.

Mt. Lakpa ri Expedition (7,000M) 26 Day. Mt.Lhakpa Ri, Expedition a high altitude trek and most attainable 7,000 m peak in the world. And an ideal objective, remarkably positioned just across the glacier from Everest. It shares the historic route up the East Rongbuk Glacier and is climbable by a relatively safe and straightforward route. It is just over the milestone altitude of 7,000 m, making it higher than anything outside Asia . And also it is probably the most climbable 7,000 m peak in the world. Trek through valleys filled with ripening barley and herds of yaks and goats to Everest Base Camp. And a steady achievable trek through stunning glaciers. And peaks to ABC (Advanced Base Camp), and Mt.Lhakpa Ri.

Mt.Lhakpa Ri expedition (which must be the worlds most achievable 7000 m peak) right there. This expedition reverses the route taken my George Mallory on his 1921 reconnaissance expedition to Mount Everest.

We weave through the ice pinnacles and cross the Rongbuk glacier to Rabu La . Where you can peer over into the Kangshung face, at Everest’s rarely seen Fantasy Ridge, and at the northern aspect of Makalu.

Mt. Lakpa Ri Expedition

The mountain is one of several peaks that line the east flank of the East Rongbuk Glacier. The summit is a prominent three-sided pyramid which drops to the East Rongbuk Glacier to the west. The Kharta Glacier to the east and falls steeply to a tributary glacier of the Kangshung to the south. The slopes from the Rongbuk an Kharta Glaciers are relatively low angled and are linked by the Lhakpa La pass (6,849 m), which is just to the north of Lhakpa Ri. It was from this pass, in 1922, that Mallory and his team mates first saw the East Rongbuk Glacier, an event well documented in mountaineering annals.

The ascent follows a shallow, snow-filled depression on the southwest flank, ascending low-angled snow for 600 m, which steeples at mid-height to around 30-35.

After gaining the crest of the ridge close to the Lhakpa La, we turn south and follow the snow ridge to the summit. This trip start from Kathmandu and drive to Kodari. After visa formalities work and meeting transportation at friendship Highway.Next is driving along the northern side of the Himalaya range with views of Mt. ShishaPangma, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt Everest and numerous other peaks .We will reach to Lakpa Ri Base Camp. After Expedition we will drive to Lhasa for sightseeing and flight back to Kathmandu. GURLA

 Tibet expedition 

Available departures

  • Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu, transfer to hotel Hotel Marshyangdi on BB
  • Day 02: Kathmandu Tibet Visa Preparation for Exp. Hotel Marshyangdi on BB
  • Day 03: Kathmandu preparation for Exp. Hotel Marshyangdi on BB
  • Day 04: Drive : Tibet Border to Zhangmu Hotel on FB
  • Day 05: Drive to Nyalam Guesthouse on FB
  • Day 06: Nyalam – Acclimatize Guesthouse on FB
  • Day 07: Drive to Tingri Guesthouse on FB
  • Day 08: Tingri Acclimatize Guesthouse on FB
  • Day 09: Drive to Chinese Base Camp Camp on FB
  • Day 10: Rest day at Chinese Base Camp Camp on FB
  • Day 11: Trek towards Advance Base Camp - Mid camp Camp on FB
  • Day 12: Trek arrival At Advance Base Camp Camp on FB
  • Day 13-21: Climbing period of Lhakpa Ri Camp on FB
  • Day 22: Trek Back to Chinese Base Camp Camp on FB
  • Day 23: Drive to Nyalam Guesthouse on FB
  • Day 24: Drive to Kathmandu, transfer to hotel Hotel Marshyangdi on BB
  • Day 25: Kathmandu – Free day, hotel Hotel Marshyangdi on BB
  • Day 26: Final Departure, transfer to Airport
  • Cost  Includes
  • 4 nights 3 star hotel in Kathmandu with bed and breakfast
  • Nepali Staff : Cook, Kitchen boy, Tibetan cook helper boy
  • Advance base camp 1 tent -1 climber (north face / similar)
  • Dining, toilet tent, shower tent table, chair and equipments
  • Tibet visa, travel permit for expedition climber, Nepali staff
  • Hotel; Zhangmu, Nyalam, Tingri, Shigatse, Gyantse, Lhasa
  • Zhangmu, Nyalam, Tingri, place breakfast / lunch / dinner
  • Per person 30 kg load carry by Yak from base camp to ABC
  • Per person 20 kg load carry by Yak from ABC to base camp
  • Transfer Kathmandu-Nepal Tibet boarder Nepali tourist bus
  • Zhangmu, base camp & Lhasa transfer  provide by the jeep
  • ABC Food, expedition equipment, Nepal staff carry by truck
  • Solar panel for charging batteries, lights advance base camp
  • Climbing permit - mountain Lhakpa Ri 7043 meters in Tibet
  • Liaison officer, Interpreter for Lhakpa Ri expedition CTMA
  • Life, medical, insurance professional Nepali expedition staff
  • Satellite phone (pay call) pay minute system, call world wide
  • Extra load of Lhakpa Ri expedition & pay all climber sharing
  • Welcome dinner with Nepali song and dance in Kathmandu
Cost Excludes
  • Entry visa & re-entry visa for Nepal
  • Bar, beverage bills, personal expenses
  • Extra yak USD 200, carry load 40kg
  • Tips for ABC staff , any extra expense
  • Medicine and first aid expense, rescue
  • Climbing food, gas, fuel for expedition
  • Fixed rope and charges for expedition
  • Extra service if required:
  • Russian oxygen 4 litters: USD 450 (re-fill)
  • Mask and Regulator: USD 500 (re-use)
  • Satellite phone permit: USD 1500 per set



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Pack 1 light weight internal frame pack (approx 4,000 cubic inches) 1 day pack is optional for the approach hike, possible use on summit day and carry-on pack. If you plan to use it for your summit pack it must be large enough for your down jacket, misc. clothes, food and water.… Miscellaneous 1 first-aid kit with ibuprofen and any other doctor recommended medications Lip balm. At least SPF 20, 2 sticks. A string taped to the stick is helpful, to hang around your neck Sunscreen. At least SPF 40 Headlamp. Petzl My obelt 3 or Black Diamond Polar Star 3 Water bottles 1… Sleeping Gear 1 down sleeping bag rated to -10 F (Gore Dry loft or similar fabric helps protect down and dark colors speed drying time) Sleeping pad full length closed cell foam (mandatory) and/or ? length Thermo-Rest for extra warmth and comfort
Hand Wear We require two systems; one glove system for lower on the mountain and a mitten over mitt system for the cold temperatures encountered on summit day. 2 pair liner gloves Thin wool or polypropylene 1 pair warm gloves Fleece or wool 1 pair expedition shell gloves 1 pair modular expedition shell…   Lower Body 4 pair of liner socks. Polypropylene or Capelins 3 pair light weight trekking socks 2 pair med-heavy wool socks check boot fit with liner and wool socks on 1 pair nylon shorts 1 pair nylon pants for trekking and around camp 2 pair lightweight long underwear bottoms 1 pair fleece…   Head Gear Warm hat wool or synthetic that cover your ears. Balaclava Face mask Shade hat or baseball cap Glacier glasses 100% UV protection with side shields and a hard-sided storage case (i.e. Julbo or Cube). 1 pair extra sunglasses (Also with UV protection in case your 1st pair breaks) 1 ski…  
User Body 2 cotton t-shirts 1 polypropylene t-shirt 2 long sleeve polypropylene shirt Lightweight, light colored for sunny days. 2 women sports bras Synthetic, no cotton! 1 soft shells Marmot Dri-clime Wind Shirt, Patagonia Stretch Zephyr or Krushell Jacket (R2 pullover acceptable). Down/synthetic sweater or vest Patagonia Puffball Jacket or Sweater preferred,…   Personal Use Equipment List For 7000m to 8000m Head wear 1 - Fleece or woolen hat 1- Face musk 1 - Shaded hat 1 - Balaclava 1- Glacier glasses 100% UV protection with side shield and a hard sided storage case (Julbo or Cube brand) 1-Sun glasses (also with UV protection and anti fog system) 1-Ski goggles with   Climbing Gear Alpine climbing harness Must have adjustable leg loops and fit over all clothing 2 locking carabineers Large, pear-shaped carabineer is best, screw gate type recommended 3 regular carabineers Light weight BD Hot wire are recommended Ice axe w/leash Light weight (i.e Gravel  Air tech, Black Diamond Raven, or Char let Moser…