Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations .  The list of rules and regulations for trekking purpose are as follows:

Restriction of Climbing the Himalayan-Peaks without Obtaining Permission:

Not any mountaineering expedition team shall climb any Himalayan-Peaks without obtaining permission under these Acts.

Permission for Mountaineering:

  1. If Government of Nepal opens a mountaineering expedition team. And it is desirous to climb any Himalayan-peak of Nepal. Then they shall submit an application to Government of Nepal as prescribed.
  2. If a received application is pursuant to sub-section(1). Moreover, if it deems reasonable after making necessary examination there of, Government of Nepal may issue permit as prescribed.
  3.  Thus, the mountaineering expedition team obtaining permit for mountaineering shall fulfill conditions as prescribed.

Royalty for Mountaineering:

  1. The mountaineering expedition team obtaining permit for mountaineering shall pay the prescribed royalty in the convertible foreign currencies. For the specified altitude of Himalayan peak. Nepalese mountaineering expedition team should pay the royalty. Or Nepalese side of a joint-mountaineering expedition team of Nepalese and foreigners should pay. Therefore, they may  pay in Nepalese currency as provided.
  2. Furthermore, the royalty being paid by a mountaineering expedition team shall not be transferred for another mountaineering expedition team.

Route for Mountaineering:

  1. A mountaineering expedition team shall strictly use the route for mountaineering. And as prescribed in the permit issued by Government of Nepal.
  2. You should obtain a prior approval of Government of Nepal. In case the route of mountaineering is needed to change on account of natural or any other reasons.
    Provided that, if it is indispensable to change the route on account of unexpected reasons. Then they should inform the result thereof to Government of Nepal through the Liason Officer as soon as possible.

Liaison Officer:

  1. A Mountaineering expedition team must obtain a permit for mountaineering. And they should include Liason Officer in such number of its team as Government of Nepal may depute.
  2. A Mountaineering expedition team should provide the facilities as prescribed for the Liaison Officer. And depute for accompanying what the expedition team pursuant to sub-section (1). For the period commencing from the date of departure for mountaineering expedition. And to the date of arriving after completion of mountaineering at Kathmandu. Or any other place as specified by Government of Nepal.
  3. The functions, duties and powers of a Liaison Officer shall be as prescribed.

Provision relating to Sirdar, Mountain Guide, Base-Camp Workers, etc.

A mountaineering expedition team may take Sirdar, mountain-guides, etc. They may also take base-camp-workers, altitude-workers and local-workers. While departing for mountaineering over to mountaineering expedition with it. The mountaineering team shall have to provide with the facilities. As prescribed for such person accompanying with the

  1. Expedition team for the period commencing from the date of departure for mountaineering expedition to the date of arriving after completion of mountaineering at Kathmandu or any other place as specified by Government of Nepal. Provided that the mountaineering expedition team shall take the workers in a number as prescribed with it.
  2. Base-camp-workers, altitude-workers or local-workers may be taken over to the expedition on the way if so required after departing for the mountaineering.
  3. Functions, duties and powers of the Sirdars, mountain-guides, base-camp-workers, altitude-workers and local-workers shall be as prescribed.
  4. Nepalese Citizen Ought to be:
    The Sirdars, mountain-guides, altitude-workers, base-camp-workers and local-workers should be the Nepalese citizens.

      May remove from work:

    1. The leader of the mountaineering expedition team, may in consultation with the Liason Officer remove any Sirdar, mountain-guide, altitude-worker, base-camp-worker from work in case any of such person’s work is not seemed satisfactory. If any person is removed from work before completion of the task of mountaineering pursuant to sub-section(1) and person shall have to give back the materials which he had obtained as facilities to the mountaineering expedition team except the materials such as clothes, shoes etc. which has already been used by putting on his body.
    2. The mountaineering expedition team shall provide expenses required for returning from the place of removal of work to the place of employment to the person removed under sub-section(1).

    Health check :

    1. Before departing for mountaineering a mountaineering expedition team shall cause to check the health of members of its team, Liason Officer, Sirdar, Mountain-guide, Altitude-worker, Base-camp-worker and Local worker.
    2. A person whose health condition is not seemed satisfactory while checking up health persuant to sub-section (1) shall not be taken over to the mountaineering team.

    Personal Accident insurance :

    1. A mountaineering expedition team should insure the lives of Liason Officers, Sirdars, mountain-guides, base-camp-workers and altitude workers. And use a prescribed insurer for a prescribed sum of its own cost against the risk of personal accident before engaging them.
      Provided that, the personal accident insurance of local-workers shall not be compulsory.
    2. If a person, who is to be insured pursuant to sub-section(1) dies of or sustains injury in an accident whilst on his duty, before being insured, on account of engaging him on the way or due to any other reason, the concerned mountaineering expedition team shall make a payment as compensation to his or his legal heir the amount of money equal to the amount to be insured as if he were insured.
    3. If a Local-worker, whilst on his duty, dies of or sustains injury in an accident, the concerned mountaineering expedition team shall compensate to him or his legal heir pursuant to sub-section (2) in case such person was not being insured.


    for the purpose of this Chapter:
    (a) “Accident” shall include any disease or ailment causing on accident of snow or altitude.

    (b) “Whilst on his duty” shall include the period between the date and place of commitment to engage or employ and the date of return at the same place after completion of the task.

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