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Bhutan. The modern world has not largely touch this country. Bhutan is an enigmatic mountain kingdom of green valleys. Also, it is crowned with dzongs (fortresses) and chortens (shrines). Furthermore,  the country operates a strict entry policy. So, it’s essential that you plan your trip thoroughly. Our specialists will use their extensive knowledge to create a itinerary. And it’ll include your interests. We have also worked hard to find the best drivers and guides. (the government requires all visitors are accompanied). Those who can enhance your holiday to Bhutan.

A journey through Bhutan will take you through rich forests over high mountain passes. And to some of the most biologically diverse national parks in the world. The cliff-hugging Tiger’s Nest is one of many white-walled monasteries that overlook yawning valleys. They burst into bloom with wildflowers in spring. Finally, you’ll find the Bhutanese welcoming you. Also,  they’ll show you their deeply Buddhist and traditional way of life. Where Gross National Happiness is more important than gross domestic product.

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